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The Colonia Cup takes place in Bulgaria, Golden Sands i Kranevo, well known resorts on the Black Sea not far from Varna – the third largest city in Bulgaria. This city was awarded the title of European Youth Capital 2017. At the same time, this city is having rich cultural programs, concerts, exhibitions and other events. All tournament participants will be located in Aqua life in Kranev, one of the most sophisticated sport facilities.

“Varna – 2017 European Youth Capital”

Varna is the third largest city of Bulgaria. Under the slogan “Innowave”, the city puts a focus on social innovation, and the development of social entrepreneurship, which plays a crucial role as an implementation tool for the development of youth policies, sustainable employment decisions, creativity, networking, exchange and education. Varna’s vision is to make youth innovation and social entrepreneurship elements of all areas of development, both as a tool and method. Starting from the point of view that social problems are preconditions for development, the EYC 2017 thinks that social innovation at local, national and European level…

Phone: (+ 359) 52 820 803
Address: Варна 9000, Бул. “Цар Освободител” 27,
сградата на Младежкия дом

AquaLife – Kranevo

9649, Cherno more str. 41, Kranevo, Bulgaria

AquaLife is a center for sports and outdoor activities and is up to the latest world standards. Since 2011 AquaLife has received over 9000 athletes from different countries. The infrastructure offers everything you need for camps and competitions. Sports facilities have international certificates and are designed for year-round operation. AquaLife is situated in Kranevo village in northeastern Bulgaria, 24 km from Varna airport and 42 km from Dobrich. The village is located on the Black Sea shore between the two biggest Bulgarian resorts, Golden Sands and Albena. The total area is 40 000 sq.m.

9649, Cherno more str. 41, Kranevo, Dobrich reg., Bulgaria
Tel .: + 7 812 385 44 01
Skype:; VIber/WhatsApp: +3 725 795 82 82

Sportpalace – Golden Sands

9007 Varna, Sunny ``Golden Sands ``

National Sports Base “Sport Palace” is located in the resort Golden Sands Varna between Kabakum and complex “Riviera”. Of the territory reveals a panorama of the Black Sea.
The complex is located on 63,000 square meters area. The modernization of the complex is carried out according to the requirements for accessible environment provided vertical and horizontal links for disadvantaged people, special ramps and elevators

Address: c. 9007 Varna, Sunny “Golden Sands”
Contact :  052/767 103; 0889/002671
E-mail :  ivo.artimenkovat; officeat
Zam.rakovoditel unit-sports facilities: Petar Petrov 0889 601 956
Governor Hotel: Violeta Trosheva   0883 502 160
Manager: Ivo Artimenkov  0886/402104